Thursday, January 22, 2009

China #2

I wanted to post this long ago. I was cleaning out my computer and came accross these photos of my second trip to China this past October. I have to admit it was much more pleasant in comparison to the first time because I was prepared for the cultural differences but.. it's still hard.
They give a whole new meaning to "mini-van".
This is one of our factories running production. It's pretty insane how archaic their system is yet they produce a pretty high quality product virtually by hand.
Embroidery factory.
With a garden in the back. I wish my office had a garden.
What is that garbage? Ah, just burn it!
So were were sitting in this office waiting for a sample. It smelled pretty heavily of burning rubber and there was some smoke in the distance, probably just burning trash again but who knows. At any rate it was a glum scene but there was this big billboard that stuck out like a sore thumb, a beautiful sunset with text on it. I asked the manager what the billboard said. He said it was something motivational. I asked a few of my colleagues around the office and got everything from "let go, and science will take you" to "Walk on the outside"? I don't know? I'll update with a translation, but if it is something motivational, I just found it to be odd. But then not, who ever lives here needs all the motivation they can get.
UPDATE: "Emancipate the mind, entrepreneurial innovation, scientific development, always be forefront"

This is an advertisement for some kind of circus show. I like the music

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