Tuesday, September 2, 2008

screw tattoo

So when L.A. Ink first came to la, Melissa sent me a link to get on the show. I filled out all the paper work, sent it in, and I got a call the next day! I was all excited and then the woman started grilling me on the subject of the tattoo. I'm not one of those people that ponder tattoos very long, if i like it, I go for it. I've always loved TWIST (Barry McGee) and his infamous "screw" throw ups. Here are a few i've compiled off line. Anyway, she wanted me to get written permission from Barry himself to get the tattoo on the show. At first I was confused, bummed, and then I thought well, it could be a cool opportunity to try and make contact. I never did, so they never called back to go on the show. Until today. I guess they are getting desperate for material and don't care so much about logistics and legalities anymore. So one of these could potentially be my next tattoo.

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